Photo/Video: James Medcraft

Eden is part of a series of suspended installations in which we explore the use of light,
shadow and reflection to imitate, comment or recreate observations from the surroundings.

Eden is situated in the ballroom courtyard of the Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel in
west London. Syon Park borders the Thames and contains more than 200 species of rare trees and this as well as the river Thames that forms the inspiration for the piece.

Like a giant spray of water or a burst of champagne the installation explodes into the courtyard as if it was taking part in the celebrations of a newly married couple inside the ballroom.

Light filters trough the installation and an ephemeral play of light and shadow is cast on the surroundings even stretching into the surrounding spaces.

Eden makes a subtle chime like sound in the wind, much like leaves rustling or water spray falling to the ground, making the courtyard a truly ephemeral space.

The piece follows the seasons as the discs mirror their surroundings…they will have the bright blue and yellow colors of a summers day, a steely grey of the autumn, the white and blue on a snowy day and the pink tones of a sunrise in spring.