As part of the WWF Pandamonium 2 Charity show, which took place yesterday in Hyde Park in London, Studio Roso presented a dress to bring attention to the WWF's work on water preservation.

The concept behind the piece is the fact that water is the single most important component of life on earth - every living organism depends on it. To embody this sentiment, the billowing white dress, when touched by water, transforms into a burst of colour!

The event showcased work of 25 prolific artists and designers, including Zaha Hadid, Hussein Chalayan, Stuart Haygarth & Sian Evans and Idris Khan and the proceeds of the ongoing online action is going to the WWF work of changing the chaotic situation we are in now, for the better.

Materials: Cotton fabric, cotton thread, hydrochromic ink, water Aquatex screen print ink

Images: Jim Naughten
Text: Studio Roso